Greetings and Welcome

Sunday, 31. March 2013 10:42 | Author:

Greetings and welcome to our blog. Critically Minded Podcast is a thirteen-episode podcast series that aims to teach basic critical thinking skills. It is intended for those studying English as a second language but anybody is welcome.

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Episode 3: Organizing an Argument 2

Wednesday, 23. April 2014 1:00 | Author:

In this third episode, Nick and Dave continue their discussion of the basic structure of an argument. They discuss how to distinguish between reasons (premises) and conclusions. They talk about premise indicators (like “because”) and conclusion indicators (like “so,” “therefore,” and “thus”). They also talk about conclusion-first and conclusion-last arguments. Click here to listen.

Nick: Welcome back to Critically Minded (Critical Thinking For 2nd Language Learners). I’m Nick.
Dave: And I’m David.
Nick: As you may remember, last time we were discussing how arguments are organized. We noted that informally speaking an argument has reasons and a conclusion.
Dave: And we said that when we speak formally, that is when we make an argument, we use the word premise for reason.
Nick: And the word therefore for so.
Dave: So last week we asked you to come up with other possible conclusions to this argument: My bicycle tire is flat. There is no air in it. Therefore, I must have ridden over a piece of glass. [...]

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Episode 2: Organizing an Argument 1

Sunday, 20. April 2014 1:00 | Author:

In this episode, Nick and Dave introduce the concept of an argument as a logical progression from premises to a conclusion. They discuss classical syllogisms and suggest challenging one’s own conclusion with alternate arguments.

Dave: Welcome once again to Critically Minded (Critical Thinking For 2nd Language Learners). I’m your host, David and this is my co-host Nick. So are you going to tell the listeners what we are going to talk about today?
Nick: Yep, I thought we should talk about argument.
Dave: Arguing? Like when a husband and wife fight over things?
Nick: Maybe? It depends on how they argue and how emotional they get. [...]

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Episode 1: Introductions

Tuesday, 8. April 2014 1:00 | Author:

In this first episode Nick and Dave introduce themselves and explain why they are producing this podcast series. They tell how they think their listeners can benefit from the podcast. They speak briefly about what critical thinking is, what it isn’t, and why it’s a skill set worth acquiring.

Dave: Greetings everyone. You’re listening to Critically Minded (Critical Thinking For 2nd Language Learners). I’m David –.
Nick: And I’m Nick. Thank you for downloading our first podcast.
Dave: This is the first in a series of several episodes we’re planning to present on Critical Thinking for English language learners. [...]

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